About us

Begach Running Club is founded on Feb 2012 as a non-governmental organisation in public service. Our aim is to popularise running and cardio sports, mass sports culture and volunteering and charity.

All our finances are public in the Ministry of Justice's registries. All our events include a charity cause. We're members of the Bulgarian Athletic Federation.

About us

These are part of the people that run the club.

Club board

Grigor Varbanov

Vice Chairman
Grigor is one of the club founders and actively participates in every event. He wants to see the mass sports in Bulgaria to the level of Europe and the States. He works for popularizing running and hopes to see hundreds of people at every moment running in the parks. His other job is a senior IT manager.

Elenko Elenkov

One of the founders of the club, Еlenko manages full-time day to day club matters, sponsor's relations and events. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT project management. Avid cyclist, humble runner and he started swimming in 2016.

Stanislav Ivanov

Member of the board
Humble 43-year-old boy, with a sense of humor and self-irony. Has own business in trade and always worked for himself, but after finding running he started working on himself. If there's time left, he gets in the shoes and starts running. Next step: Triathlon.

Vessela Bancheva

Member of the board
With a degree in business management her last 11 years she's part of a consulting company. Active runner since 2014 г. In her spare time she either travels to run at a new place or prepares for the next travel.

Vladi Konstantinov

Member of the board
Before moving to Bulgaria, he works for the World Bank in different countries. He's teaching finance in universities in USA and Bulgaria. Since 2015 he's a crazy runner having 3 marathons, 1 trail marathon 1 ultra and tons of races under 42k.